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Saturday, January 20, 2018
(CNN) — "Get dropped off at the road by Las Cabanas beach about four kilometers (2.5 miles) outside of El Nido Town. "Walk all the way to the end of the beach, then ask the people at the coconut stand for Mark and Camille's house."Those are the instructions to find The Birdhouse -- a jungle glamping retreat in El...


(CNN) — Plenty of images and sensations come to mind when you think of New York City: skyscrapers, pigeons and the smell of hot dogs on a street corner. However, the Big Apple has another distinction woven into the fabric of the city which is less well-known: carousels. New York City is home to more than a dozen merry-go-rounds,...
(CNN) — From pizza to spaghetti, Italy has given us some of the world's best loved foods and many of its restaurants are considered among the finest on the planet. Despite its impeccable culinary credentials, the country has yet to secure one very important accolade in elite world cuisine, the prestigious Bocuse d'Or.In the 30 years since the biannual...
(CNN) — Central Italy's Abruzzo has always attracted visitors thanks to its enviable snow season, but up until recently the majority were European. Now the region, a world away from modern Italy, could be on the verge of an international tourism boom. With incoming travel numbers on the rise in the country, visitors are increasingly searching for lesser known...
(CNN) — Pick up one of Nancy Chandler's vibrant Thailand maps and you'll be astounded by the depth of detail, eye-catching designs, quirky annotations and original recommendations.That's exactly how expats Isabelle Der Hagopian and Julie Torreton felt when they encountered the popular Bangkok map for the first time.Inspired by the colorful graphics and local know-how, the pair set out...
(CNN) — Cold rains and gray skies make winter travel a trial. But hot drinks, snowy slopes, frozen lakes and a bright yellow sun? That's the kind of winter we can all wrap our mittens around.And winter actually seems to bring out the best in some cities. Here are 10 around the world that make for a great cold-weather...
(CNN) — Macau's casinos have seen some tough times in recent years, but take a walk along the city's casino boulevard, the Cotai Strip, and you'd never know it -- a couple of mega casinos have opened recently and more are in the works. The casino hub is bouncing back from some recent tough times. Macau's casinos were at...
Editor's Note — CNN Travel's series often carries sponsorship originating from the countries and regions we profile. However, CNN retains full editorial control over all of its reports. Read the policy.(CNN) — A must-do experience for anyone visiting Hong Kong, the Star Ferry has been cruising back and forth across Victoria Harbour for more than a century. And now...
Disko Island, Greenland (CNN) — Sailing across the clear blue sea from the west coast of Greenland, a lush green island surrounded by dazzling white icebergs comes into view. Brick red mountains tower above, while waves crash against the dark black shore of Siorarsuit beach, which translated means "The Great Sands."It's a beach that's particularly dramatic in the depths...
(CNN) — Johannesburg has busily redefined itself over the past decade, breathing new life into old warehouses and derelict buildings, while slowly reclaiming sidewalk spaces for markets, cafes, and art galleries. This resurgence has created unique opportunities for people who travel here. You can go on a bike tour in the morning, have lunch with the hipsters over gourmet...




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