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Monday, December 11, 2017
(CNN) — Bulgaria's Plovdiv remains relatively unknown to most travelers, but it's beginning to appear on more and more Balkan itineraries -- and for good reason.Situated between two vast mountain ranges along what in centuries past was a crucial inland route from Western Europe to Constantinople (Istanbul) and Asia Minor, Bulgaria's second city has been held over the centuries...
(CNN) — Thinking about visiting China but worried about how bad the toilets are?You may be relieved, in more than one way, to hear that the country's leader is on your side.President Xi Jinping, now a bathroom aficionado after frequent visits to inspect the facilities in rural homes, has announced he's doubling down on a campaign for a Chinese...
(CNN) — For too long, Kaohsiung has been known to the world as Taiwan's largest port city -- it's time to give this attention-craving southern city the love it deserves.Taiwan's biggest night market, coolest metro station and unique temples entered through a dragon' s mouth are just some of the features of cultured Kaohsiung."The weather is almost always good,...
(CNN) — People visit Jerusalem for the rich history, interwoven religious narratives and crumbling holy walls. They visit Europe for ornate churches with painted ceilings and golden trim. They visit India for peace of mind, finding serenity in its carved and colorful temples scattered along the sacred Ganges River. But people rarely travel the United States in search of...
Yunnan, China (CNN) — If there's a downside to Yunnan travel, it's that one trip simply isn't going to be enough. This province in southwest China is its most ethnically diverse. It's home to 25 of the country's 56 recognized ethnic groups. And each has a unique culture and cuisine. Then there's dramatic landscape and breathtaking views that are...
(CNN) — Christmas in the USA is a combination of traditions from around the world. Evergreen trees inside homes were popularized in Germany during the 16th century. Decorating with poinsettias? That idea came from Mexico (and the name of the plant came from Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first U.S. minister to Mexico). And 18th-century England helped to change mistletoe's...
Skellig Michael, Ireland (CNN) — A rocky pyramid emerges out of a dark blue sea. It is cinematic even before you add the Millennium Falcon.You can see why "Star Wars" producers chose Skellig Michael as a location in a galaxy far, far away. The small rocky island sits about 8 miles off the southwest coast of Ireland. It hosts...
(CNN) — Holiday shopping follows much the same pattern each year: November quickly turns into December, and you still have no idea what gifts to buy.If you're shopping for a traveler, though, we've got you covered.They typically fall into two camps when it comes to travel gear: They're either looking for all things chic to tote on their adventures,...
(CNN) — Tip too little and you're blacklisted, tip too much and you're a chump.Different cultures call for different gratuity customs, so here's a comprehensive guide to the etiquette in seven big cities. When in doubt, remember the golden rule -- always leave 10% and you won't get chased down the street. Probably.Toronto, CanadaCanada is known as a friendly...
(CNN) — The Danish island of Fyn is where Hans Christian Andersen was born, so it's no coincidence it looks like a fairytale. Rolling hills, fruit-laden orchards, sandy beaches and thatched roof farmhouses paint a soothing symphony of garden and sea.At the island's hideaway Falsled Kro hotel, guests are transported to a Nordic dream. Uncluttered rooms offer fireside lounges,...




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