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Monday, December 11, 2017
(CNN) — Moody skies, chilly sea spray and windswept coastal walks possess a certain blustery charm, especially when they're followed by a soothing hot toddy. There's no need to wait for summer: Seaside hotels provide the perfect vantage point to view the towering waves and listen to the howling wind while you're sitting warm-as-toast next to a blazing fire....
(CNN) — A tiny town in eastern France may seem a long way to travel for a plate of chicken, but it's worth it.I've come to the Michelin-starred Aux Terrasses in Tournus to taste one dish in particular -- roasted chicken breast strips with a tabbuleh malted barley garnish and an onion stuffed with mushroom sauce.The breast is on...
Built in just over one year at the start of the 1930s, the Empire State Building cemented its place in history by edging out the Chrysler Building for the title of tallest building in the world. It lost the title decades ago, but the Art Deco skyscraper remains one of the most iconic tourist spots in Manhattan.Construction began on...
Hong Kong (CNN) — It's not often you spot a map filled with smiling animals.But this one has plenty. Over 60 species found in Hong Kong, from the Chinese white dolphin to the yellow-crested cockatoo, are showcased in a colorful new cartoon map. World Wildlife Fund-Hong Kong hopes it will encourage local youth to get interested in the environment...
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(CNN) — The eastern India state of Odisha, stretching for more than 300 miles along the Bay of Bengal, bristles with architectural and cultural gems. Tropical, remote and home to some of the subcontinent's most striking temples, much of the state was off-limits to foreign travel for some years because of Maoist unrest but reopened in 2016. Vast tracts...
(CNN) — Hanoi might be famous for its scooters, but the city's youth is shifting gears. During an off-roading tournament in November, young motorcycle enthusiasts ripped through the mud in the countryside outside Hanoi. They weren't driving jeeps or four-wheelers, but rather retro-looking Minsk bikes that date back to the Soviet Union."In 2010 these bikes started to make a...
(CNN) — Hidden in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, the largely agricultural village of Bir is better known to visitors by its nickname -- the "paragliding capital of India."Located in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India, this small village has witnessed a boom in popularity among international paragliders after it hosted the Paragliding World Cup in...
(CNN) — Hitting the slopes can be draining, regardless of what skiing level you are.Fortunately, there are many lavish lodges that can make sure your winter travel break is as much about kicking back as it is conquering the steepest slopes.From the French Alps to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, here are 15 of the world's best luxury ski...
(CNN) — There's hardly a street or cha chaan teng in Hong Kong that hasn't had its celluloid moment, yet it can be a strangely uninspiring place to watch a movie. There are more than 50 movie theaters in the city but nearly all of them are bland multiplexes dedicated to the same mix of cheesy Hong Kong comedies,...




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